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Introduction to Aviation English

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Module Objectives

Given practice exercises and activities, you will:

• Use vocabulary and phrases used in air traffic and industry communications.

• Handle interactions on aviation topics and scenarios.

• Speak confidently to build comprehension and fluency for effective radiotelephony.

• Target Operational Level 4 proficiency in compliance with ICAO Language Proficiency Scale in ICAO Doc. 9835.

• Participate in diagnostic testing to establish your Personal Learning Targets.


From ICAO language proficiency rating scale, Operational Level 4:


Pronunciation and stress influenced by the first language.


Basic grammatical structures and sentence patterns used creatively and are usually well controlled.


Vocabulary range and accuracy sufficient to communicate effectively on common, concrete, and work related topics.


Produce stretches of language at an appropriate tempo.


Comprehension mostly accurate on common, concrete, and work related topics


Responses immediate, appropriate, and informative. Initiate and maintain exchanges. Deal with apparent misunderstandings by checking, confirming, or clarifying.